How It Works

Double Up at participating grocery stores in April and May 2018

For these two months, Double Up earnings will be paused at participating grocery stores. This means that you will not be able to earn Double Up Food Bucks at participating grocery stores in April and May. You will still be able to spend any Double Up Food Bucks you have already earned.

You will be able to earn Double Up points again starting June 1, 2018 through the end of December 2018. This shift is only happening at participating grocery stores; participating farmers markets and farm stands will run the Double Up program as usual in April and May. This pause does not apply to Flint, MI. 

2017 was a big year: Double Up is now in more than 250 locations across the state. It is our goal to help families like yours bring home more fresh fruits and vegetables while supporting Michigan farmers and local economies. Thank you for your help making Double Up a win for Michigan.

Stretch your food dollars with Double Up Food Bucks.

Get more fruits and vegetables when you spend your SNAP Bridge Card dollars at participating farmers markets (beginning April 1st) and grocery stores (year-round). It’s easy with Double Up Food Bucks! For example, if you spend $10 from your Bridge Card at a participating farmers market, we give you another $10 to buy fresh fruits and veggies. The way Double Up works at farmers markets is different than at grocery stores. Learn how below!