logoStretch your food dollars for more fruits & veggies with Double Up Food Bucks

It’s easy. Learn how. Not in Michigan?

How It Works

It’s easy to use Double Up. Learn how it works at farmers markets and select grocery stores.

Find a Location

Double Up is now available at over 130 farmers markets across Michigan. From August – December 30+ grocery stores run the program, plus more in other states.

Get Involved

Apply to be a Double Up Grocery Store or Direct Farmer! Also, help spread the word by sharing program information or volunteering in your community!


Double Up Flint

Double Up Food Bucks has expanded in Flint to improve access to fruits and vegetables.

“It stretches my food budget. I don’t have to make the choice between bread and beets; I can get both.”

— Allen Street Farmers Market customer in Lansing

“Double Up really helps us to be able to afford more fresh fruits and vegetables. Especially for us seniors, since almost all of us have very low incomes.”

— Downtown Ypsilanti Farmers Market customer

“You mean I get that much food and the farmer gets all of that money? I like this. It feels like we’re helping each other.”

— YMCA Farmers Market customer in Grand Rapids