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How It Works - At Most Markets

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See how the Double Up Food Bucks program can help you get more Michigan-grown produce for your money!


 Visit the Bridge Card booth or tent at your market and get Bridge Card tokens which can be used to purchase any SNAP-Eligible items at the market.

Get an equal amount, up to $20, of Double Up Food Bucks tokens to buy fruits and vegetables from Michigan.

Spend your tokens with vendors at the market. DUFB tokens are for Michigan-grown fruits and vegetables only.  Bridge Card tokens can be spend on any SNAP-eligible food items.

How It Works — Electronically

Only a few markets in the state use an electronic system. Markets using an electronic system are noted with an * on the Location page.

Shoppers need a valid Bridge Card with food assistance benefits.  Sign up only once, and it takes less than 1 minute.  In Kent County, credits are stored automatically on a shopper's Bridge Card.  In Flint, shoppers receive a Market Card.

Shoppers earn up to $20 per market day in credits by using their Bridge Card to buy any approved foods with any participating vendor.

Shoppers spend credits on fruits and vegetables grown in Michigan with participating vendors.

How It Works — In Grocery Stores

A few grocery stores will participate in Double Up Food Bucks in 2014 in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Battle Creek starting in August!

Spend $10 or more on any fresh fruits and vegetables using your Bridge Card.

Get a $10 Double Up Food Bucks Reward Card.

Use your Double Up Food Bucks Reward Card to purchase MORE Michigan-grown fruits and vegetables.