Corn on the Cob

Double Up on Corn on the Cob

For a well-rounded Thanksgiving dinner lineup, make sure you’ve drafted the key players on a winning team: fresh fruits and vegetables.

Corn on the cob, ear of corn, however you say it (or use it), corn is a great addition to your lineup on Thanksgiving. Serve it on the cob or off, as a side or made into cornbread, you really can’t go wrong! Fun fact: an average ear of corn has 800 kernels!


How do you know if its ready to play in the big game?
Farmers typically harvest corn when the tip of the ear of corn is dry. Peel back the green leaves and silks to see the corn itself.

How do you prepare it?
Remove all leaves and silk (thin, stringy pieces covering corn). Leave on the cob to cook or use a knife to remove corn from the cob. Leave your corn out to dry for popcorn!

Key stats to know?
A great source of fiber, folate, Vitamin C and magnesium!

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