Brussels Sprouts

Double Up on Brussels Sprouts

For a well-rounded Thanksgiving dinner lineup, make sure you’ve drafted the key players on a winning team: fresh fruits and vegetables.

Brussels sprouts may get a bad name sometimes, but they can really take your Thanksgiving table to the next level. Pro tip: Roast them for maximum crispiness to make brussels sprouts haters fall in love!


How do you know if its ready to play in the big game?
Sometimes sold on a stalk, sometimes without, check to make sure none of the leaves are brown.

How do you prepare it?
Chop off the stalk or any remaining stalk before cooking (It’ll be a white or brown base at the bottom of each one). Remove any outer leaves. Leave whole or cut in half.

Key stats to know?
A day’s worth of Vitamin C and Vitamin K per 100g serving (about 7 sprouts)!

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