Double Up on Game Day Snacks! 

This football season may look a little different, but one thing hasn’t changed… watching football games with our family is a great way to spend time together and share some tasty snacks!

We love a classic veggie tray, but if you’re looking for something heartier, we pulled together a few recipes that are delicious, easy to make, and perfect for enjoying on the couch (no silverware required).

The best part? You can use Double Up to buy the fruits and veggies you need in these recipes. Double the fruits and veggies = Double the delicious snacks!

Chicken Pesto Flatbread (Source: Michigan Farmers Market Association)

Start cooking chicken in the crockpot Sunday morning, assemble the other ingredients (like 2 cups of seasonal veggies) between the first and second quarter, and enjoy this delicious flatbread by halftime. Score! 

Mini-Pizzas (Source: Cooking Matters)

Double Up on your favorite veggie toppings, pick up some cheese, tomato sauce, and whole-grain English muffins, and pop them in the oven for a healthy twist on a game day favorite. Want to add pepperoni or Italian sausage? Go for it! 

Potato Nachos (Source: Michigan Potato)

They’re like regular nachos, but even MORE satisfying. Plus, like the mini-pizzas, the topping opportunities are endless. Roasted cauliflower? Sure! Ground beef or turkey? Sounds good to us. Swapping out Greek yogurt instead of sour cream? Great call, coach!

Looking for a post-game dessert?

Give this PB&J smoothie (Source: Cooking Light) with fresh strawberries and raspberries a try!

Keep an eye out for Michigan-grown and raised fruits and veggies the next time you Double Up at a participating store or market.