Get the Double Up Food Bucks App!

Have a Bridge Card and use Double Up? Now you can find information about Double Up Food Bucks in one place & on-the-go!

Where can the app be used?

Double Up’s MyFresh Wallet app is available to everyone in Michigan! If you shop with Double Up, you can use the Double Up app to find participating locations and get the latest updates. 

PLUS: If you use the Double Up card at participating locations in Flint and at select locations in Detroit, Grand Rapids and Ypsilanti, you can use the app to buy fruits and veggies, check your Double Up balance, and see your transaction history.


How do I sign up?

Signing up for the app is easy! Download MyFresh Wallet from the Google Play store or Apple’s app store. If you shop with a Double Up card, the app works like a “virtual wallet”- saving earned Double Up Food Bucks that you can spend to bring home more fresh produce.

Still want a physical Double Up card? That works too! Sign up online, bring your Bridge Card (EBT) to a participating location, and pick up a physical card.

Can I use my Double Up card AND the app?

Yes! You can use your Double Up card OR the app at – whichever is more convenient for you. Your Double Up Food Bucks dollars are stored online, so whether you check out using the Double Up app or your Double Up card, your account will be updated. You can see your balance through the MyFresh Wallet app or at


How does Double Up work?

See a refresher on how Double Up Food Bucks works in grocery stores and farmers markets.