How It Works at Grocery Stores

Get more fruits & vegetables with your SNAP Bridge Card at select grocery stores!

Operating year-round (beginning August 1st) you can stretch your food dollars for more fruits and vegetables at select grocery stores in and around West Michigan, Detroit, Northern Michigan, and the UP. It’s easy with Double Up Food Bucks. Find a participating grocery store near you. Here’s how it works:


Use your SNAP Bridge Card to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at a participating grocery store.


Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and get FREE matching Double Up dollars, up to $20 per day.


Spend your Double Up rewards on any fresh fruits or vegetables in the same store.


Do you live near Flint?

Most grocery stores in Michigan give you a Double Up coupon or load your free dollars to a loyalty card. But if you live near Flint, your local store may use a new system. On your first visit, bring your Bridge Card and ID to the customer service desk for a quick sign-up. When you buy milk or fresh, frozen, dried, or canned fruits and vegetables (with no added salt, sugar, or oil) with your Bridge Card you get free Double Up Food Bucks to spend on any fresh fruits and vegetables at that store or other participating sites in Flint. Have questions? Email or call us! 866.586.2796

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